As of April 2023, the following properties have open wait lists: Linda Tunis Apartments, Santa Rosa and River City Apartments, Petaluma (Sonoma County); Sun House, Ukiah (Mendocino County); and Orange Tree, Oroville (Butte County).

The wait list is maintained in the order in which we receive the applications. However, preferences for certain households may exist at individual properties. For example, if the unit is accessible, a household with the need for such a unit may be given priority, regardless of their place on the wait list.

It is your responsibility to advise us if you change your mailing address or telephone number. The wait list will be updated annually. Notices will be sent to everyone currently on the wait list to determine if they wish to remain on the list. If you do not respond within the time allowed, your name will be removed.

Prospective residents on the wait list may turn down an offer for an available unit and will be placed at the bottom of the current list. If they decline a second time, they will be informed that their application will be removed from the current list and placed in the inactive file. If you are on the wait list, you will be contacted when an appropriate unit is available.

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Please fill out our pre-application if you wish to be added to our wait list.