The application process requires you to submit detailed information about your household income, assets, and composition. Read it carefully and fill it out accurately and completely. Do not leave any areas blank. Inaccurate or incomplete information will delay processing. If requested information is not applicable, enter N/A.

Current Open Applications

  • Application – Orange Tree Senior Apartments-Oroville, CA Orange Tree Pre-Application
  • Pre-Application – Sun House Senior Apartments. More information 
  • Pre-Application – River City Senior Apartments-Petaluma, CA More infomation
  • New! Pre-Application – Linda Tunis Senior Apartments-Santa Rosa, CA  Linda Tunis Pre-Application
  • Rental Assistance: We also highly recommend, if you are eligible, apply for a Rental Assistance Voucher from the Sonoma County Housing Authority or the City of Santa Rosa Housing Authority. That will ensure you will always pay only 30% of your adjusted income regardless of rent increases. Please follow the links below for voucher information.

Sonoma County Housing Authority:

City of Santa Rosa Housing Authority:

If the application indicates you are not eligible, you will be sent a letter indicating the reason. If you are eligible, you will be placed on the waiting list, and a letter will be mailed to confirm this. CLICK HERE for current eligibility requirements.